Easy Ways to Practice Emotional Self-Care


当我们想到 自我护理实践,重要的是要认识到这个词的含义 不仅仅是修指甲和按摩. 自我照顾不仅仅是富人和名人的特权,它是我们存在的一个重要部分,让我们成为最快乐、最脚踏实地的自己。

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What is emotional self-care?

Definition of emotional self-care:

  1. The provision of what is necessary for identifying and nurturing your feelings, your conscious inner state, and your intellect. (Desert Alchemy)

In simpler terms, emotional self-care is caring for your emotional needs by identifying what it is you’re feeling and then moving forward in a way that honors yourself and those emotions.

When our emotional self-care needs are not being addressed, we tend to feel frustrated and burnt-out, leaving us with a feeling of, “how the hell did I get myself into this mess?” and no real plan to climb out.

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Here are ten easy ways to start incorporating emotional self-care into your daily life, starting right now:

  • Take a few deep breaths, especially before expressing your feelings
  • Learn to say No and serve yourself first
  • Protect your energy from others
  • Create boundaries that feel good to set and encourage others to do the same
  • Stop over-explaining yourself to others
  • Reserve the word Sorry only for those moments when you’re truly sorry
  • Call on others for help when you start to feel overwhelmed
  • Accept compliments without argument or pushback, just a simple Thank You
  • Experience your emotions without judgment, guilt, or embarrassment
  • Give yourself the grace to try again when moments don’t go as planned, acceptance of yourself as you are is so important

Need more support?

Below are some of my favorite books for helping to create emotional self-care. These are all books I’ve read and loved, and have helped me along my journey in some way. I hope they do the same for you.



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