Why the Lovevery Subscription is Easily Worth It

After I finally got the hang of keeping a tiny human alive, I realized I needed to consider how to stimulate his brain and encourage, you know, mental development and stuff.

Lovevery is designed to do just that, but is the subscription worth the price tag? Keep reading to find out my honest thoughts.

I’ve always told myself that I’d be one of those “cool, minimalist moms” whose babies play with things found in nature and wear only organic clothes.

But somewhere in between the 100th poopy diaper change and reality, I quickly realized that I’m just not cut out for that life. Sure, my husband and I try to stick to the minimalist lifestyle when it comes to toys (we live in an old home that’s greatly lacking storage), but the jury is still out on just how cool I am.

Lovevery is Worth It

How did I find out about Lovevery?

To be honest, I’m not quite sure how I initially heard about Lovevery. If I had to take a guess, it was either through:

A. an Instagram ad
B. a late-night panic-induced Google session
C. most likely a combination of the two

Either way, I signed up to receive their personalized stage-based play kits when Landon was just a few weeks old and have received them in the mail every few months since

It’s been so worth it to have beautifully crafted, quality toys mailed to me for Landon, and 知道他将玩专为他特定的发育阶段设计的玩具让人放心。



当然,Lovevery乍看起来像一家“玩具公司”,但实际上远不止这些。由两位家长创建, Lovevery致力于为父母提供传家宝品质、适合发展的产品 鼓励互动、参与和创造力。 你可以观看关于为什么Lovevery在这里成立的超级甜蜜视频。

他们提供各种各样的产品,包括一个健身房+垫子(我们最喜欢的垫子,因为它用途广泛)、婴儿车、积木和一些更棒的东西。 我很感激他们的产品并不是势不可挡,而是经过深思熟虑的策划,以确保您不会过度购买。 你可以在这里查看整个Lovevery产品线。

我喜欢他们在设计产品时考虑到美学, 所以你不会觉得 胡说八道 把它们放在房子周围展示。另外,正如我上面提到的, 产品质量是传家宝 还有一些你可以在未来几年里传承下来的东西。更不用说,他们的产品使用有机材料。

lovevery explorer kit


如果你决定走订阅路线,那就太简单了! 您可以在Lovevery网站上填写您孩子的信息,包括他们的生日/调整后的生日。 完成后,您将收到第一批货物中最适合开发的包装箱的详细信息。

lovevery kits


As you can see below, the kits are organized by age and range from newborn up to 36 months. It’s fun to click around on each kit and see what you can expect to receive. You can navigate to the box details page by clicking here and scrolling down.

lovevery child baby kits
lovevery todler play kits

Is Lovevery Montessori-based?

Before I dive into whether or not Lovevery is based on Montessori principles, it’s important to share what Montessori is in the first place.

According to Motherly, Montessori is a form of education developed to appeal to a child’s senses rather than fight them. This belief:

  • Has an emphasis on practical life
  • Focuses on the whole child
  • Encourages conflict resolution
  • Believes in fewer (but higher quality) playthings
  • Strives for freedom of movement
  • Prefers natural-based and open-ended toys

After using the Lovevery subscription for almost a year, I believe that yes, Lovevery is Montessori-based, but there are some distinct differences between them. If you’re looking for more in-depth details, Lovevery outlines how they differ from Montessori here.

playing with lovevery toys

How much does Lovevery cost?

The cost of the monthly kit varies, but it comes out to about $35 a month.

Keep in mind that the Lovevery kits are delivered every two to three months, so the monthly cost mentioned above is an average number.

The beauty of the Lovevery subscription is that when you sign up, you enter your child’s birthday, so their future shipments base off of their current estimated development. Meaning, you always have stimulating and engaging toys ready for your little one.

Check out the snapshot of my order history below to get a better sense of how much Lovevery costs and if it’s worth it for you.

Note: the order placed in February includes the playmat and gym on top of the subscription, so the price is higher for that month.


爱是绝对值得的。 订阅是我希望注册但没有注册的一件事。Lovevery甚至可以作为一份很棒的集体婴儿礼物送给我所爱的人。 你可以在这里阅读更多关于Lovevery的礼品选择。

正如你所见, 每个工具包中包含的玩具和游戏都是为帮助您的孩子发展和有效学习而设计的。 我个人可以看到,在玩了几个月后,运动技能和空间问题解决能力都有了变化。




作为一个忙碌的工作妈妈,我逐渐理解了外包的力量,以及在我不是专家的时候找人帮忙的力量。这样做可以让我释放一些精神负荷,腾出时间,帮助我专注于自己 好的 在做的时候。 我不擅长为婴儿挑选能促进适当发展的玩具,但Lovevery确实如此。

当我注册Lovevery时,我不仅省去了研究、寻找和订购玩具的压力, 我也在为自己腾出大量的时间(和混乱!),这意味着有更多的时间 照顾好这位妈妈! 此外,Landon喜欢发现邮寄来的每一件新装备,看着他的好奇心增长,真是令人难以置信的温暖。


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